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13.3: Activity 2 - Report on Time Team America- Range Creek

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    Darcy Wiewall, Antelope Valley College

    To understand how archaeologists study and interpret artifacts, you need to become familiar with archaeological materials and the methods and techniques archaeologists apply to that material to interpret past human behaviors.

    Watch the Range Creek episode of Time Team America (

    1. While watching the video, identify at least three archaeological materials, methods, and techniques (e.g., artifacts, ecofacts, experimental archaeology) applied in the project.
    2. Examine the three examples you observed in the video that relate to archaeological materials, methods, and techniques. Use information from your lecture notes and readings to explain what those materials, methods, and techniques are called by archaeologists. Explain, in a written paper, how the archaeologists applied them to interpret past human behaviors.
    3. a. How many people likely inhabited the canyon?

      b. Why did they store and hide food in places that were extremely difficult to get to?

      c. What happened to the Fremont people?