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3.2: Suggested Questions

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  • 1. What resources do you depend on? How do you get them? What would happen if the stores in which we get our resources were to all close, how would you get needed resources?

    2. We are beginning to see consequences to climate change in our time. Can you name some of these consequences?

    3. Climate change has occurred in the past and has had consequences for historical societies. For example, early societies in the Southwest experienced cultural changes and migration because of climate change. What might we experience in the future because of climate change?

    4. We all want to have good jobs in our future. What is a “good job”? What jobs have high status; what have low status? Why do some jobs have greater status than others?

    5. Diseases go through an evolutionary process, as do any other life forms. New diseases evolve, old diseases mutate. Can you think of any recent examples of this?

    6. The Mohawk leader Joseph Brant visited England several times in the seventeenth century. He was impressed by Britain’s military power, but shocked by the sight of people begging and living on the streets. Why do you think he was shocked? What would be the expectation about resources in a Native American society?

    7. How might factors like climate change and the need for new sources of energy effect the way humans get their resources in the future?