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5.3: Suggested Questions

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  • What does the story about White Buffalo Woman tell you about Sioux society?

    Write a description of a ritual you have witnessed or participated in. Would this ritual tell a visitor something about your society?

    Can you give an example of a ritual you are familiar with in which playing games is an important part?

    Does the society or community in which you live have any rituals, such as the Sun Dance, to help soldiers who have participated in warfare re-integrate himself or herself back into broader society? Do you think this would be a good idea? Why?

    What is an example of a taboo in your society?

    Does your society have a coming of age ritual? Can you write a description of it?

    If you don’t think your society has a coming of age ritual, do you think it should? Can you give some suggestions as to what the ritual would be like?