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9.3: Challenge Nine- Meaning-Making

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    Challenge Nine: Meaning-Making

    Your challenge is to leverage what you learned in this lesson to make meaning by defining your values or re-writing your story of yourself or the world.

    Objective: Reflect on your values, your past, or the world and take responsibility for the type of meaning you will make in your life and in the world.

    Option 1: Define Your Values

    Assess your current values and ideals and use the wisdom outlined in lesson nine to intentionally create and defend a set of core values.

    Option 2: Rewrite Your Story

    Use the hero story structure to rethink the obstacles, problems, or pains of your life in a way that makes sense of meaning.

    Option 3: Rewrite the World

    Take Jonathan Haidt up on his challenge to write a "third story" that explains the history, problems, and paradoxes of the world in such a way that provides a meaningful way for you to live in it.

    Go to to download a worksheet to get you started.

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