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  • Brehe’s Grammar Anatomy makes grammar accessible to general and specialist readers alike. This book provides an in-depth look at beginner grammar terms and concepts, providing clear examples with limited technical jargon. Whether for academic or personal use, Brehe’s Grammar Anatomy is the perfect addition to any resource library.
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    • All Together Now Conjunctions, Compounds, and Subordinate Clauses

    • Among the Prepositions

    • Answer Key

    • Chapter 18: To Boldly Verb Infinitives

    • Chapter 19: What’s That? More Pronouns

    • Chapter 20: Many Things (But no Cabbages or Kings)

    • Chapter 21: Keeping Those Little Puncs in A Brief Review of Punctuation

    • Get Tense Verb Tense, Principal Parts, and Irregular Verbs

    • I Know That You Know What They Are Nominal Clauses

    • Inevitably, Adverbs

    • Introduction: Grammar? What Grammar?

    • Relative Clauses, Which We Need

    • Sentencing Guidelines Building Sentences with Clauses

    • Tall, Dark, and Wordsome -- Adjectives

    • The Indispensables Nouns and Verbs

    • They’re So Common More on Nouns

    • They’re So Dependent Distinguishing Dependent Clauses

    • Those Verbing Verbals Gerunds and Participles

    • Together Forever, Subjects and Predicates

    • What, More? Verbs and Voice, Infinitives, and Passive Complements

    • You Did What? Verbs and Their Complements

    • You and I and the Personal Pronouns

    • Zowie! Interjections and the Eight Parts of Speech

    • Back Matter

      • Index
      • Glossary
      • Index
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