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Dedication and Thanks

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  • Dedication and Thanks:

    First I would like to thank Dr. John Asoszatia-Petheo, Ph.D. my first Biological Anthropology instructor who had the courage to teach us and take risks. I wish to thank Professor Barbara Oldham for her assistance collecting the creative commons and copyright free images needed to make this work possible. Thanks should also go to the students (test subjects) who have helped me refine these assignments over the past few years. This work would not be available to others without the technical assistance and persistence of Dr. Claver Hategekimana, Ph.D. Many people contributed their work and photography free of charge or with a creative commons usage. Frans de Waal and Anne Zeller both agreed to allow their copyrighted primate images to be used in this effortt. Others permitted their images to be used under creative commons, and are credited next to their work and I wish to thank them for their generosity. I need to thank Dr. Karl Polivka, Ph.D, for assisting with the proofreading. Finally, all thanks should go to Amanda H. S. Taub, my wife and domestic financial sponsor for allowing me to research, teach and do my various creative follies without demanding that I find a “real job.”