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Lab 4: Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium - Class Genealogy

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    For each trait below, figure out the \(q\), \(r\), \(q^{2}\), \(r^{2}\), and \(2 q r\) for this class. In order to do this you will need to know the total number of students who take part in this activity, and the number that possess each trait. The only other equipment you will need is an ear swab, calculator and sense of humor:

    1) Ear Lobes: Unattached or free is dominant, attached is recessive.

    2) Darwin‟s point: a projection on either or both ears at about the 10-11 o‟clock position.

    Present is dominant, while absent is recessive.

    3) Ear wax: Sticky yellow wax is dominant, while dry flaky and grey is recessive.

    4) Tongue rolling: The ability to roll your tongue into a 'U' shape is dominant, while the inability to do so is recessive.

    5) Tongue folding: The ability to fold your tongue over itself is recessive trait.

    6) Wrist tendons: The presence of 2 wrist tendons is dominant, while the presence of three is recessive.

    7) Mid-digit hair: the presence of hair on the middle segment of one‟s fingers is dominant and the absence of this hair is recessive. (Please note: pulling these hairs out does not change your genotype, but may confuse the rest of the class.)

    8) What do these answers say about your class and how it fits within the population at large? The following is a useful website to answer this question:

    9) Review the following links:

    Can monogenetic traits have an evolutionary impact? Why or why not?