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Lab 7: Bone Injuries

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    1) In your groups, examine our complete lab skeleton and locate all bone abnormalities on the charts blow. Indicate if these 'injuries' are pre or post-mortem. Also, attempt to age, sex and race this individual.


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    Some rights reserved by robswatski Human Skull: side view

    2) Examine the five fetal human skull casts on display. Using correct bone nomenclature, described the differences at the various stages of development.

    3) In 1991 the “Iceman” or “Ötzi” was found in the Alps. Research this find and document what his bones tell us about his life and his death.

    4) The Body of Tutankhamen was scanned a few different times. Research these scans and document how the different scans lead to different conclusions. (Hint: Dr. Bob Brier looked at the early x-rays)