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    Nothing like this is ever done without the help of others.

    I want to first thank my colleagues in Communication Studies.

    Jack Sterk who first made the suggestion we team teach a class that combines persuasion, argumentation, and communication to teach how to think and argue more effectively. Our collaboration on an early version of a text for that class was the inspiration to write this book.

    Josh Miller, my Department Chair, who kept pushing me to write an OER text that would really apply to the environment and arguments we are now experiencing. His persistence paid off.

    All the instructors who used early drafts of this text in their class. Thank you for your comments and suggestions. All the hundreds of scholars who have explored critical thinking, persuasion and argumentation. Without their insights, this would be a small book indeed.

    I want to thank my wife for her patience with my writing and her assistance in the final proofreading and evaluation of this book. There may be a mistake or two, but compared to my proofreading skills, she is stellar.

    Thank you all.

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