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6: Understand Your Motivations

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    For years, managers have tried to motivate people based on money, but research has shown this can only be effective to an extent. Other things, such as flexible schedules or more vacation time, can motivate people more than a pay raise. This is the topic of our chapter, human motivation and developing an understanding of what motivates you. Knowing what motivates you as you select a career path can help you be a successful, happy employee later on.

    • 6.1: Prelude to Motivations
      Often, people think they are motivated by money, but when they step back, they realize that money is just one part of a person's overall satisfaction at work.
    • 6.2: Human Motivation at Work
      There are a number of theories that attempt to describe what makes a satisfied employee versus an unsatisfied employee. Knowing what motivates us—and what doesn’t—is the key to choosing the right career path. It may be surprising, but much of what makes us satisfied or unsatisfied at work has little to do with money. We will discuss some of these theories next.
    • 6.3: Strategies Used to Increase Motivation
      As we have addressed so far in this chapter, human motivation is an important aspect to understanding what makes us happy or unhappy at our jobs. Companies implement many strategies to keep us motivated at work. This section will discuss some of those specific strategies.
    • 6.S: Understand Your Motivations (Summary)

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