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12: Be a Leader

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    • 12.1: Prelude to Leadership
    • 12.2: Management Styles
      Most managers will use a variety of management styles depending upon the situation. As you read this chapter, consider past managers and think about what style they may have used. Understanding management styles can help us become better managers or prepare us to take on the role of manager someday. In addition, understanding your manager’s style can be beneficial to know—as it can help you relate to him or her better.
    • 12.3: Leadership versus Management
      Many people use the term leadership as interchangeable with management, but the two terms are actually quite different. The term management implies someone has been given a position, and through that position or title they have power to guide others. Leadership, on the other hand, does not require specific titles. Consider the last group project you worked on for school. It was likely that someone took on the leadership role for this project, such as coordinating schedule and so forth.
    • 12.4: Chapter Summary and Case