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1.2: The Environment and Human Activity

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  • Learning Objectives

    1. Explain how climate and human habitation are related and distinguish between the main climate types.
    2. Explain the dynamics of tectonic plates and their relationship to earthquakes and volcanic activity.
    3. Outline the main causes of and problems with deforestation. Explain the relationship between deforestation and climate change.
    4. Point out where the rain shadow effect takes place and explain why it occurs in those places and how it may influence human activity.
    5. Understand how climate change occurs and the relationship between greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide and the planet’s temperature regulation.

    Figure 1.11 Glaciers in Glacier National Park, Montana


    Mountainous type H climates vary with elevation, with warmer temperatures at the base and colder temperatures at higher elevations.

    Photo by R. Berglee – CC BY-NC-SA.