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1.6: Chapter Activities

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  • Chapter Takeaways

    • The first year of college is the most critical. Make the commitment to overcome any obstacles to a successful transition and stay committed and motivated to succeed.
    • Although college students differ in many ways, all successful students share certain common traits, including a positive attitude, effective critical thinking skills, good time management skills, effective study skills, interactions with instructors and other students, and good habits for personal health and financial stability.
    • You can learn to maximize your learning by attending to each step of the learning process: preparing, absorbing, capturing, and reviewing.
    • It is important to understand your personal learning style and use it well in classes, while also making the effort to learn in new ways and work with other students for a more effective overall learning experience.
    • Working with your academic advisor and taking advantage of the many resources available at your college are key actions to ensure success.
    • Understanding the larger characteristics of college success leads to a richer college experience, supplementing the value of good grades.
    • While it may take a few weeks to develop all the skills needed for success in college, there are many steps you can begin taking today to get moving in the right direction.

    Chapter Review

    Check off every action on the following list that you plan to use in your first year of college to help you be as successful as you can be.

    Approach classes and homework exactly as I did in high school
    View college as a vital experience preparing me for the rest of my life
    Decide immediately what I want to major in and never change my mind as I move forward through my courses
    Manage my time well so that I have enough time to study and start on assignments well ahead of the due dates
    Attend classes when I think something important will be said and I can’t find someone to borrow class notes from
    Adopt a positive attitude and work on staying motivated to succeed
    Give up everything else in life while in college
    Talk to my advisor so that I take only those classes where the teacher’s style matches my own learning style
    Form study groups with other students different from me so I can take advantage of how they learn as well
    Be sure to tell all my instructors what I think they want to hear, not what I might really think
    Sit in the back row where I won’t be noticed or get asked a question I might not be able to answer
    Make good friendships and interact with a wide range of people on campus
    Pay very close attention in class so that I don’t have to be concerned with reviewing the course material later
    Prepare for each class every day
    If I read too slowly, look for a CliffsNotes summary of the reading so I don’t lose time reading whole textbook chapters
    Talk to other students to find out what classes and instructors are easiest to keep my GPA up
    Take as many online courses as I can so that I can sleep late and get help from friends doing online assignments
    To save time, go first to a friendly instructor to learn about any resources the college may have to help me
    Take it easy my first year in college, not worrying about grades, to avoid burnout
    Check out tutoring services only as a last resort at the end of the term if I’m in danger of failing
    Check the class syllabus for important assignments and exam dates and begin scheduling study periods well ahead of time
    Get to know my instructors and other students in the class right away