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6.1: Test Anxiety and How to Control It

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  • Learning Objectives

    1. Learn what test anxiety really is.
    2. Gain strategies for controlling anxiety.

    Take the true-or-false quiz below (circle T for true or F for false). There are no wrong answers.

    Activity: Testing Your Test Anxiety

    T F I have a hard time starting to study for a test.
    T F When studying for an exam, I feel desperate or lost.
    T F When studying for an exam, I often feel bored and tired.
    T F I don’t sleep well the night before an exam.
    T F My appetite changes the day of the exam. (I’m not hungry and skip meals or I overeat—especially high-sugar items like candy or ice cream.)
    T F When taking an exam, I am often confused or suffer mental blocks.
    T F When taking an exam, I feel panicky and my palms get sweaty.
    T F I’m usually in a bad mood after taking an exam.
    T F I usually score lower on exams than on papers, assignments, and projects.
    T F After an exam, I can remember things I couldn’t recall during the exam.