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18: Appendix C- Health and Safety Checklist

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    Appendix C: Health and Safety Checklist763

    Safety Factor




    All areas are safe, clean, and free from pests.

    Exits are clearly marked, and emergency evacuation routes and other safety procedures are posted in the classroom and in appropriate locations throughout the site.

    Lighting is sufficient and adequate for all classroom activities.

    Emergency lighting is available in case of a power failure.

    Fire extinguishers are available, accessible, tested, and serviced regularly.

    Smoke, carbon monoxide, and as necessary, radon detectors are installed, properly located, and tested regularly.

    Current child care, health, fire, and other applicable licenses and inspection certificates are present on site.

    All indoor and outdoor spaces meet minimum square footage requirements per most stringent regulations.

    All playground areas are visible to supervising adults.

    Necessary accommodations and modifications are made to ensure the safety, comfort, and full participation of all children including those with disabilities.

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