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Introduction to Planning for Other Ages

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    Learning Objectives

    By the end of this introduction, you should be able to:

    Brief Introduction to Planning for Infant and Toddlers

    The basis for curriculum for infants and toddler is caregiving routines. Therefore, curriculum for infants and toddlers is individualized. Chapter 15 goes into great detail on what the cycle of curriculum planning looks like during the early years, including:

    An instructor talking to a toddler
    Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\): One-on-one interactions are the foundation of infant/toddler curriculum. Image used with permission (California Department of Education)

    Brief Introduction to Planning for School-Age Children

    Children in kindergarten through grade 8, may be cared for in out-of-school programs that have a variety of philosophies and approaches. School-age care may provide academic support (or even focus) and should include recreation (after the school day). Chapter 16 discusses a general framework of creating high-quality curriculum for school-age care programs based on a model from Australia. The chapter addresses:

    Image result for care "school age"
    Figure \(\PageIndex{2}\): These children pose with a banner they made at their school-age care program. (Public Domain; Staff Sgt. Vesta Anderson via (U.S. Air Force)

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