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    OBSERVATION and ASSESSMENT in Early Childhood Education

    An Open Educational Resources Publication by College of the Canyons

    Created by Gina Peterson and Emily Elam

    Peer Reviewed by Kristin Beeve and Clinton Springer

    Editors: Alexa Johnson & Trudi Radtke

    Cover: Ian Joslin

    Version 1.0


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    College of the Canyons would like to extend appreciation to the following people and organizations for allowing this textbook to be created:

    California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office

    Chancellor Dianne G. Van Hook

    Santa Clarita Community College District

    College of the Canyons Distance Learning Office

    Have Feedback or Resources to Share?

    Catch a typo? Want to suggest a change to improve the book? Please send us your feedback in this survey .

    Did you use this book and make changes? Did you create supplementary resources (PowerPoints, activities, test/quiz banks, etc.)? Please put a creative commons license on those and share them back with us by joining and uploading them to the Google Group . If you are having issues, please contact .

    Looking for resources? See what has been compiled in the Google Group .

    © 2018, California Community Colleges, Chancellor’s Office.

    CC BY Logo

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License .

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