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Appendix B: Teacher Candidates’ Questionnaire

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    Teacher Candidates’ Questionnaire

    To be completed at the end of the semester

    1. How did this research project enable you to professionally interact with Early Childhood educators?
    2. How did this research project affect your relationship with children?
    3. Did the project change your attitude toward teaching young children?
    4. How did the research foster your inquiry into teaching young children?
    5. What have you learned in this research project that will affect your Early Childhood teaching in any of these areas: (a) classroom management; curriculum development; inclusion; differentiation; family involvement; assessment?
    6. How did the research project foster your problem-solving skills to improve your own teaching?
    7. How did the research project foster your reflection on your own teaching?
    8. What teaching challenges are you now aware of that the Early Childhood program needs to prepare you for?
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