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21.6: What is extended learning with technology tools?

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    The ideal gas law is easy to remember and apply in solving problems, as long as you get the proper values a

    Now that we’ve looked at the characteristics of an enhanced learner and an engaged learner using technology tools, it’s time to look at the characteristics of what an extended learner needs with technology tools. This is an exciting piece of learning with technology tools, because it’s something that was much more difficult to do prior to having access to digital technology in schools.

    How can technology make learning authentic?

    It allows students to look at the world around them in a different way, in a very unique way. For example, being able to help solve real world problems through technologies, tools, and the different strategies and methods they’re learning in school.

    The things we tend to look for are the ways that technology can help students connect and create this bridge to their everyday lives.


    • Bring experts into the classroom virtually.
    • Skype, Google Hangout, with pen pals from across the globe so students are able to learn new languages, and learn new cultural norms from other students.
    • Livestream to connect with literacy experts, such as a favorite author.
    • Social studies: students collaborating with others using Minecraft


    • If you would like to watch videos of teachers in the field, talk about how they extend learning with technology, go to , search for “Leading Ambitious Teaching and Learning”, and enroll in the MOOC.Reflect on your own teaching with technology, look for evidence that demonstrates extended learning.
      • Does the technology help the learners connect classroom learning to their everyday lives.
      • Is the technology helping to connect the prior knowledge and interest of the students in the classroom learning, and then bridging that back to their everyday lives?

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