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9.5: Chapter 9 Appendix

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    • Jessica Kirchhofer & Ardene Niemer
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    The following chart is offered as an example of an assignment or an opportunity for student reflection. Gather resources from the local community that might enhance work with families and support the needs of families as discussed in Chapter 9. Add and delete resources as appropriate to your own community, families, and individual need.

    The chart below was adapted from work by Linda Segur at Olympic College.

    Name of Your Local Resource Contact Information
    Basic Family Needs
    WA Department of Children, Youth and Families    
    Early Learning Programs    
    DSHS: Child Care Subsidies, TANF, other financial services    
    Substance Use Disorder programs    
    Behavioral Health    
    Other Mental Health Support    
    Washington State Department of Health
    Housing Resources Section 8  
    Community Action Centers    
    Domestic Violence
    Legal Issues    
    Divorce & Parenting Plans    
    Cultural and Language Supports
    Language Access
    OSPI Bilingual Education Program
    Multi-Cultural Diversity
    Developmental Supports and Referrals
    ESIT Materials on Early Intervention    
    Community Birth to Three Intervention    
    Child Care Programs    
    Medical Providers    
    Department of Health Programs    
    Parent Advocacy Resource: Washington PAVE
    Resources for Medical Concerns
    Local Department of Health    
    Washington State Health Care Authority    
    Parenting Supports
    Center for Disease Control
    Harvard Center on the Developing Child
    Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning
    Janet Lansbury
    Other Helpful Supports

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