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    The Early Literacy Journey: Supporting and Celebrating Young Learners

    This adaptation focused on creating and enhancing OER materials for courses in Early Childhood Language and Literacy. The intent was seen as a cost saving measure, as well as to reflect the diverse culture of our college community.

    The diversity of our student population is seen in socioeconomic status, ethnic and religious background, age, and gender. This diversity must be apparent in the materials presented to them. The online world offers unique and appropriate resources to honor this diversity. Diverse perspectives are apparent throughout the text with the inclusion of vignettes, photos, related websites, videos, as well as application and reflective activities.

    Equally important is the message we instill in our early childhood educators regarding the diversity of the students they will eventually teach. Early literacy courses universally have a strong connection to children’s literature. This is an advantage regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. Quality children’s literature is seen as vital in the lives of children and in the emergence of literacy. In recent years authors and illustrators have embraced the importance of providing children with books that address and celebrate diversity. This text will provide links to appropriate and inspiring book lists, reviews, and articles.

    This text begins with an overview of emergent literacy and the critical role that the early years play in the development of literacy. Theories are examined and developmentally appropriate practices are explored. The importance of valuing and understanding the family and the part they play in early language and literacy is emphasized. All aspects of literacy, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening are introduced and considered.

    The development of this text was supported by a grant funded through Remixing Open Textbooks through an Equity Lens (ROTEL)

    The Early Literacy Journey: Supporting and Celebrating Young Learners was adapted from an OER text, Early Childhood Literacy: Engaging and Empowering Emergent Readers and Writers, Birth-Age 5, written by Schull, C., La Croix, L., Miller, S., Austin, K., Kidd, J.

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