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5.7: Summary

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    When educators use developmentally appropriate practices, they incorporate knowledge about each child’s cultural and social settings. It is important to reflect on the materials that are in the classroom and make sure that they include and represent every child. Children should be able to see themselves and their families in their classrooms. Books have the opportunity to provide valuable social justice experience, but still lack diversity and accuracy. An important part of developmentally appropriate practices, play, is very beneficial to children’s overall well-being and provides a valuable social context that affects children’s understanding of themselves and others.

    Classrooms may choose to incorporate different forms of multicultural education into their classrooms. The different approaches should be explored to make the right choice for the curriculum. It is vital to respect, involve, and communicate with families. Programs must make hiring staff that value diversity a priority, should seek out cultural guides in their community, and continually evaluate how they serve diverse families.

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