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17: Appendix D- Supplemental Resources by Chapter

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    This book is over a 12 years old and many of the links will be dead. In many cases you can search for copies in the Internet Archive (sometimes called the Wayback Machine) at

    Chapter 1 – The Changing Teaching Profession and You

    Teaching Is A Science, An Art, And A Craft by Andrew Johnson

    Is Teaching An Art or A Science? by Rice University Center for Teaching Excellence

    Is Teaching An Art Or A Science by Jeffrey Bradbury

    Chapter 2 – The Reflective Practitioner

    Technology Integration and Innovation during Reflective Teaching by Neeta Baporikar

    Chapter 3 – The Learning Process

    Digital Learning As Enhanced Learning Processing? Cognitive Evidence for New insight of Smart Learning by Dina Di Giacomo, Jessica Ranieri, and Pilar Lacasa

    Chapter 5 – Student Diversity

    Dave’s ESL Café by Dave Sperling

    Breaking language and digital barriers in bilingual education by Lisa Driscoll

    8 Best Tech Tools to Support Bilingual Lessons by Barbara Mascareno-Shaw

    Chapter 8 – Classroom Management & The Learning Environment

    APA Classroom Management Moduley by Thomas R. Kratochwill , Rachel DeRoos , and Samantha Blair
    Classroom Management by Edutopia

    Differences in Authoritative, Authoritarian & Permissive Teachers by Michael Stratford

    Authoritarian, Permissive, and Authoritative Approaches to Classroom Management by Devan Dampier

    Teaching Style and Classroom Management by Thomas Phelan

    Chapter 11 – Planning Instruction

    Bloom’s Taxonomy by Patricia Armstrong

    What Is Bloom’s Taxonomy? A Definition For Teachers by Terry Heick

    Bloom’s Taxonomy: The Ultimate Guide by Christine Persaud

    Chapter 12 and 13 – Teacher Made Assessment Strategies

    Tech-Based Formative Assessment by Monica Burns

    Using Technology for Intentional Student Evaluation and Program Assessment by George E. Steele

    11 Edtech Tools That Make Formative Assessment a Breeze by Matthew Lynch

    Chapter 14– Standardized and Other Formal Assessments

    Assessment, Student Learning and Classroom Practice: A Review Amua-Sekyi and Ekua Tekyiwa

    How the Common Core Changed Standardized Testing by Laura Slover and Lesley Muldoon

    4 ways EdTech tools can help you prepare your students for standardized tests by Classtime

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