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4.5: Choose a daily task management system

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    Some students prefer paper-based task management systems, while others prefer to use technology to manage daily tasks.  Consider the following advantages and disadvantages of systems you might choose.

    Choose a Daily Task Management System

    System Advantages Disadvantages
    Paper planner • User is not required to learn new technology
    • Eliminates possible distraction with apps
    • Flexible and adaptable to user preferences
    • Difficult to share tasks with team members in group projects
    • May require time to create effective calendar and task list layouts
    Online calendar (e.g. Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar) • Tasks and other life commitments are integrated in a single view
    • Information is easily viewable on multiple devices
    • Easy to schedule meetings with team members or share events
    • May be difficult to integrate smaller tasks into the work plan
    • May be difficult to move incomplete tasks to a new time slot on a later date
    Time management app (e.g. Wunderlist, Remember the Milk, Microsoft To-Do) • Information can viewed on multiple devices
    • Most apps allow project lists to be shared between team members
    • Easy to integrate small tasks into the daily task list
    • Easy to mark task completion
    • Incomplete tasks can be rescheduled simply
    • May require time to learn the platform
    • Apps may become obsolete
    • Some apps require payment

    Reflection and Action

    Consider what kind of task management system will help you most in your current study program:

    1. What kind of time management system do you prefer?  Paper or technology-based?
    2. Do you plan to keep your current time management system, or make some changes to support your online learning?  If you are trying a new system, when will you evaluate how effective it is for you?
    3. When will you organize your daily tasks?  Will you set aside a longer block of time on a weekly basis for planning, or set aside a few moments for planning at the beginning or end of each day?

    Click here to download a printable worksheet for your reflections.


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