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7.6: Key Terms Defined

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  • Acculturation: Cultural change, generally the reconciliation of two or more culture groups.

    Discrimination: Mistreatment due to perceived difference.

    Diversity: Having a range of different people.

    Enclave: Self-enforced separation for a racial or ethnic group.

    Environmental Justice: The concept that environmental benefits and burdens should be equally shared across different socio-economic groups.

    Ethnic cleansing: An attempt to complete expunge or remove traces of another population from a place. May or may not relate to genocide.

    Ethnicity: group of people sharing a common cultural or national heritage and often sharing a common language or religion.

    First effective settlement: Doctrine in which the first group able to assert dominance provides the template for the future society.

    Foodway: The cultural, social, and economic practices relating to the production and consumption of food.

    Genocidal: having the purpose of exterminating an entire people.

    Ghetto: Area of externally forced and legally-defined ethnic or racial separation.

    Immigration: Incoming migration to a place.

    Jim Crow: A set of laws enforcing racial segregation and disenfranchisement in the southern United States in the poet Civil War era.

    Majority: A group making up more than half of a population.

    Minority: A group making up less than half of a population.

    Nation: An ethnicity or a people.

    Race: The categorization of humans into groups based physical characteristics or ancestry.

    Segregation: The spatial and/or social separation of people by race or ethnicity.

    Xenophobia: fear of the different.

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