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11.7: Key Terms Defined

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  • Back office services – interoffice services involving personnel who do not interact directly with clients.

    Break-of-bulk point – point of transfer from one form of transport to another.

    Bulk reducing – industrial activity that produces a product that weighs less than the inputs.

    Commodification – The process of transforming a cultural activity into a saleable product.

    Containerization – transport system using standardized shipping containers.

    Deindustrialization – process of shifting from a manufacturing based economy to one based on other economic activities.

    Economies of scale – efficiencies in production gained from operating at a larger scale.

    Footloose capitalism – spatial flexibility of production.

    Fordism – rational form of mass production for standardizing and simplifying production.

    Gig economy – a labor market characterized by freelance work.

    Globalization – the state in which economic and cultural systems have become global in scale.

    Intermodal – transportation system using more than one of transport.

    Just in time delivery – manufacturing system in which components are delivered just before they are need in order to reduce inventory and storage costs.

    Locational criteria – factors determining whether an economic activity will occur in a place.

    Logistics – the coordination of complex operations.

    Outsourcing – shifting the production of a good or the provision of a service from within a company to an externals source.

    Offshoring – shifting the production of a good or the provision of a service to another country.

    Supply chain – all products and process involved in the production of goods.

    Taylorism – the scientific management of production.

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