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8.2: Sales, Labor and Production

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    Then there is the globalization of sales, labor and production. Top MNC’s, including KFC, MacDonald’s and Subway, make over half their sales overseas. When you call a technical support number, you get someone in India or the Philippines. U.S. hospitals email X-rays to India for diagnosis. Medical bills are emailed for processing in the Philippines. Meanwhile, Indian IT guys are 15% of Silicon Valley’s tech workers and account for some of its biggest startups. Two million Filipino immigrants work in health care and other jobs in the U.S. And millions of illegal migrants from poor countries pay thousands of dollars to human traffickers to work in the underground economy in rich countries.

    “American” cars have up to 35% foreign-made parts. Nokia phones and servers come from Finland. Computers are made with parts from many countries. China, Taiwan and Singapore export millions of computer chips. There are thousands of MNCs (Multinational Corporations) doing business in hundreds of thousands of locations. MNCs design products in some countries, buy or manufacture parts in other countries, send them to different countries for assembly and then ship them to yet other countries for sale.

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