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13: Transnational Crime

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    Learning Objectives

    • Distinguish international crime from transnational crime.
    • Define transnational crime and provide examples.
    • Explain some of the drivers of transnational crime.
    • Appreciate the economic scale of transnational crime.
    • Explain why transnational crime is such a problem.
    • List the primary ways that transnational crime is addressed.
    • Understand the main obstacles limiting effective action against transnational crime.

    John Wilson

    This chapter examines some of the greatest threats to human security emanating from transnational crime. Such threats include terrorism, human trafficking and slavery, the international trade in weapons and armaments, environmental crime, illicit drug trafficking, piracy, corruption and bribery of public officials. These crimes present great challenges to the rule of law, economic and social development, and the protection of human rights and security. In particular transnational crimes can undermine people’s quality of life and threaten their human security by limiting access to employment and educational opportunities. The chapter begins with a definition of transnational crime, provides examples of the human security issues associated with the victims of transnational crime, and summarises the particular human security issues associated with trafficking in persons. The chapter then explores the history and limitations of international efforts to address those threats.

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