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19.1: Note on Indexing

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  • E-IR’s publications do not feature indexes due to the prohibitive costs of assembling them. If you are reading this book in paperback and want to find a particular word or phrase you can do so by downloading a free PDF version of this book from the E-IR website.

    View the e-book in any standard PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader (pc) or Preview (mac) and enter your search terms in the search box. You can then navigate through the search results and find what you are looking for. In practice, this method can prove much more targeted and effective than consulting an index.

    If you are using apps (or devices) such as iBooks or Kindle to read our e-books, you should also find word search functionality in those.

    You can find all of our e-books at:

    E-IR Foundations

    Series Editor: Stephen McGlinchey

    “A thoughtful, well-written, intelligently presented and engaging narrative introduction to international relations.”

    - Richard Ned Lebow. Professor of International Political Theory, King’s College London.

    This book is designed to be a ‘Day 0’ introduction to International Relations. As a beginner’s guide, it has been structured to condense the most important information into the smallest space and present that information in the most accessible way.

    Written by a range of emerging and established experts, the chapters offer a broad sweep of the basic components of International Relations and the key contemporary issues that concern the discipline. The narrative arc forms a complete circle, taking readers from no knowledge to competency. The journey starts by examining how the international system was formed and ends by reflecting that International Relations is always adapting to events and is therefore a never-ending journey of discovery.

    Unlike typical textbooks, there are no boxes, charts, pictures or exercises. The philosophy underpinning this book is that these things can be a distraction. This book, like others in the E-IR Foundations series, is designed to capture attention with an engaging narrative. The chapters are short, with simple paragraphs and clear sentences placing the reader inside crucial issues and debates so they can understand how things work, and where they fit in the world around them.


    Stephen McGlinchey is Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the University of the West of England, Bristol and Editor-in-Chief of E-International Relations.


    Shazelina Z. Abidin, James Arvanitakis, Alex J. Bellamy, Katherine E. Brown, Carmen Gebhard, Dana Gold, Andreas Haggman, Jeffrey Haynes, David J. Hornsby, Raffaele Marchetti, Raul Pacheco-Vega, John A. Rees, Ben Richardson, Erik Ringmar, Harvey M. Sapolsky, Knut Traisbach, Peter Vale and Günter Walzenbach.