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3.5: Unit Assignment

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    Topic: Collectivist and Individualist Societies

    Assignment: Essay or Speech, or Presentation

    Choose one of the prompts below, and write an essay or prepare a presentation on that topic.

    1) How does living in a collectivist/individualist society affect a person’s daily life, traditions, and beliefs? Give examples for each point you make! (Note: Students may choose to present either collectivist or individualist…or do both!)

    2) Search online for a traditional or modern dance from Japan or from your home country, and quickly learn a few basic steps. Perform a brief part of the dance (30 seconds-1 minute), and then explain the history of the dance. Are there any traditional instruments used to perform the music? What clothing do dancers wear? Do the movements mean anything?

    3) Research the political history and structure of Germany*. Create a timeline of important events. What are some similarities and differences with the Japanese (or your home country) political system?

    *This last assignment should be completed before starting Unit 4!

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