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6.5: Unit Assignment

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    Topic: To be or not to be…a housewife!

    Assignment: Roundtable discussion, debate or reflection paper (in-class or homework)

    Before starting the assignment, view the video titled, “Do Japanese Girls Want to be a Housewife (Interview)” posted by Japanese YouTuber That Japanese Man Yuta (URL: Your teacher can play the video on the classroom projector, or allow you to watch it on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. (Note: Your teacher may also choose not to play the video. If the video will not be used, you can still complete the three assignments listed below.)


    During the video, take notes so you’ll remember important points. If the video won’t be used, write down some of your home country’s views on housewives. After, your teacher will decide which assignments the class will do from the options below.

    Option A

    The entire class should sit in a circle (the “roundtable”) so everyone is facing each other. When everyone is seated with their notes, have a conversation about the points that were made in the video, your home country’s views on housewives, and/or your personal opinions about housewives (or stay-at-home mothers).


    Make sure that each person speaks at least once, and talks about the three areas listed above!

    Option B

    Divide the class into two teams. Decide which team encourages women to be housewives and which team discourages women to be housewives. Use the chart from the Speaking Activity to guide your response times.

    Remember that you don’t have to really believe “all women should be housewives”! Think of reasons why some people would believe that—for example, some reasons presented in the video, or reasons from your home country—and present them in the debate. No one should get upset by any comments that are made! This is just an exercise to practice expressing ideas and opinions in a debate format.

    Option 3

    Write about both sides of this argument? Why do some countries encourage women to stay home and be “housewives,” and others view being a housewife as a form of slavery or subservience (in other words, obeying others without questioning their authority)? Write a one-page reflection essay (either in-class or at home), and prepare to discuss what you wrote in the next class.

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