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7.5: Unit Assignment

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    Topic: Poster Presentation, in-class essay, journal entry

    Assignment: Describe your last “religious” or “spiritual” experience or encounter. Perhaps you have encountered someone knocking on your apartment door on a Sunday evening, and you realized you were talking to a cult member or a Jehovah’s Witness solicitor who was trying to get you to join one of their gatherings. Or, maybe you once attended a Japanese festival, and participated in carrying the mikoshi (神輿 or portable shrine). Watching a movie, such as Martin Scorsese’s film Silence (a movie about the first Christians in Japan) could also be considered a religious experience. Have you ever read a religious book, such as The Bible or Quran, or a book about religions, such as a textbook for a World Religions college course? This could also be considered a religious or spiritual event!


    How did you feel before, during, and after the event? Did it change the way you viewed another religious, spiritual, and/or historical event? In what ways was culture expressed in this event?

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