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8.3: Discussion Questions

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    1. When it comes to education, what are the factors that could contribute to gender inequality? For example, some cultures educate boys before girls, don’t allow women to attend university, and punish women for pursuing an education.

    2. In areas that are plagued by poverty, education is still failing children. Even after years of studying, many children may not be able to read, write or solve basic mathematics problems. Why do you think this happens? What could be done to support children in impoverished areas of the world?

    3. In 2017, a Japanese high school student in Fukuoka violently kicked his teacher multiple times because the teacher refused to return a tablet that the student was using to watch movies instead of study. The news article can be viewed at

    Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\): Screenshot taken from video of incident.

    This is not the only instance of violence between teachers and students. What do you think is happening to education? Are teachers losing classroom management skills or do students feel like they can do what they want with no worries of repercussions? What are the core problems, and are solutions on the horizon or is the situation going to get worse? What are classrooms like in your home country?

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