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16.5: Disclaimer

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    Any website mentioned in this textbook is neither endorsed by nor connected to the author or the publisher. Information on websites change rapidly, and so the author and the publishers cannot and will not be held legally responsible for any of the content found on any website that is searched for and viewed while completing activities in or research for this textbook.

    Instructors who choose to adopt this textbook are advised to check each website they plan to use in their lessons before asking students to view the site. Instructors may also choose to only show website content in class (either on a projector screen or printed out on handouts) to ensure the content being viewed is appropriate for their students and lessons, and issue a warning to the students about internet dangers. This is the preferred method of the author, and one that he has employed for every class he has taught.

    Specific URLs for websites and online videos are only provided to give additional information on a topic. They are not mandatory parts of any unit. At the time of publication, the websites and videos were checked by the author to ensure they provided the information that they claim to give.

    Any topic can be searched freely and safely online, and every person should always be careful of which websites they choose to view. It is important to remember that many websites offer personal opinions (often masked as facts), so any information found should be fact-checked. Aside from known facts or common knowledge, nothing should ever be considered 100% truthful, accurate and/or the final say on any matter.

    This page titled 16.5: Disclaimer is shared under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Daniel Velasco.

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