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Key Terms Chapter 16: Education

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    Glossary Entries
    Credentialismthe emphasis on certificates or degrees to show that a person has a certain skill, has attained a certain level of education, or has met certain job qualifications    
    Cultural Capitalcultural knowledge that serves (metaphorically) as currency to help one navigate a culture    
    Cultural Transmissionthe way people come to learn the values, beliefs, and social norms of their culture    
    Educationa social institution through which a society’s children are taught basic academic knowledge, learning skills, and cultural norms    
    Formal Educationthe learning of academic facts and concepts    
    Grade Inflationthe idea that the achievement level associated with an A today is notably lower than the achievement level associated with A-level work a few decades ago    
    Head Start Programa federal program that provides academically focused preschool to students of low socioeconomic status    
    Hidden Curriculumthe type of nonacademic knowledge that people learn through informal learning and cultural transmission    
    Informal Educationeducation that involves learning about cultural values, norms, and expected behaviors through participation in a society    
    No Child Left Behind Actan act that requires states to test students in prescribed grades, with the results of those tests determining eligibility to receive federal funding    
    Social Placementthe use of education to improve one’s social standing    
    Sortingclassifying students based on academic merit or potential    
    Trackinga formalized sorting system that places students on “tracks” (advanced, low achievers) that perpetuate inequalities    
    Universal Accessthe equal ability of all people to participate in an education system    
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