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16.2: Appendix B

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    EXAMPLE SPEAKING OUTLINE (Excluding Introduction and Conclusion)

    1. Background and Family
      1. First Generation American
      2. Older Brother
      3. Married to Scott
      4. Two Children
      5. My mom

    Internal Summary/Preview: Now that you know a little about my background and family, let me tell you about my special hobby.

    1. In my spare time, I have a hobby that centers on party planning.
      1. All the china, crystal, etc. I own
      2. Parties I have thrown.
      3. Possible business someday

    Internal Summary/Preview: So, now that you know about my background and family, and my special hobby, let me tell you about one of the scariest and saddest events in my young adult life.

    1. At the age of 19, I learned that a “friend” of my brother and our family, was more than he professed to be.
      1. Secret about Paul (his background, who he was, what he had done, how he was caught)
      2. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

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