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9.10: Stages of Parenting

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    Ellen Galinsky traced six distinct stages in the life of a parent in relation to their growing child. Much like how a child moves through stages. By looking at these different stages of parenting, those who work with children and youth can gain some insight into parental needs and concerns. [114]

    Table \(\PageIndex{1}\): Stages of Parenting


    Age of Child

    Main Tasks and Goals

    Stage 1: The Image-Making Stage

    Planning for a child; pregnancy

    Consider what it means to be a parent and plan for changes to accommodate a child.

    Stage 2: The Nurturing Stage


    Develop an attachment to child and adapt to the new baby.

    Stage 3: The Authority Stage

    Toddler and preschool

    Parents create rules and figure out how to effectively guide their child’s behavior.

    Stage 4: The Interpretive Stage

    Middle childhood

    Parents help their children interpret their experiences with the social world beyond the family.

    Stage 5: The Interdependence Stage


    Parents renegotiate their relationship with adolescent children to allow for shared power in decision-making.

    Stage 6: The Departure Stage

    Early adulthood

    Parents evaluate their successes and failures as parents.



    Pause to Reflect

    How does understanding these stages assist in your work with parents?

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