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    Beyond Race: Cultural Influences on Human Social Life was written for introductory courses on cultural sociology. The book was designed for faculty and students searching for an open educational resource (OER) that provides sociological terms, concepts, and theories in the study of culture. To adapt to the educational needs of individuals using this book, the instructor or learner must understand the underlying content and instructional approach may require additional resources and/or other methods to make the learning experience her or his own.

    The book is supported by discussion of relevant theory and research in cultural sociology. Beyond Race: Cultural Influences on Human Social Life has stressed learner-centered teaching with the instructor taking on the role of a facilitator of learning. As such, it is expected the instructor will serve as the mediator between the content of this book and learners’ understanding of material on multiple and higher levels. This book does not offer a set of rules in teaching cultural sociology, but rather suggests content and applications to consider and modify as needed by the ever-changing dynamics of instructors and learners.

    The first edition of this book was prepared in collaboration with my colleagues at West Hills College Lemoore and California State University, Fresno. My thanks go to Neomi Daniels, my copyeditor, Katie Conklin and Greg Kennedy, who made helpful content suggestions, the West Hills Community College District Office for their support in OER, and the West Hills College Lemoore SOC 5 class of spring 2018:

    Marissa Barbosa Yudisleisy Hernandez Monica Morales
    Karen Beemus Mekennah Lander Yvette Padilla
    Destiny Castro Celene Lizaola Mayra Pantoja
    Mariel Cisneros Timothy Maldonado Guadalupe Ramirez
    Amanda Conduff Brittany Martinez Lizbeth Ramirez
    Michael Dey Elizabeth Martinez Angel Robles
    Alexia Garcia Mariana Martinez Mason Silva
    Michael Garcia Tiffany Medina Mayra Valdivia
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