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12: Archaeology of the Future

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    Learning Objectives

    • Describe the role of historical archaeology and the unique opportunities associated with it
    • Identify the types of evidence used by historical archaeologists
    • Provide examples of how historical archaeology “checks” the historical record and provides a nuanced and sometimes contradictory interpretation of the past
    • Identify pseudoarchaeology and explain why it is so damaging to the real work archaeologists do
    • Characterize the ways in which archaeologists share what they have learned with the public
    • Describe some emerging applications of archaeological research

    • 12.1: Historical Archaeology
      Much of this textbook has focused on identifying prehistoric archaeological sites and reconstructing the environment and lifeways of past societies. However, there is much to learn from historical sites as well.  Archaeological research can discover stories of people who have been lost to history or not represented or misrepresented in historical records.
    • 12.2: New Frontiers in Archaeology
      As archaeology looks toward the future, the work of the archaeologists will include putting down the shovels and focusing on contemporary issues, such as correcting misinterpretations of their discipline, demonstrating how archaeology is relevant to modern times, and actively promoting the science as a way to investigate complex issues.
    • 12.3: Chapter Twelve Review
      Review important concepts and definitions of key terms.

    Image: Archaeologists help preserve the past, link to the future. Carved stones on Portugues Dam construction site in Ponce, Puerto Rico. (2009). By JaxStrong under CC BY via flickr.

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