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9.6: Weekly Report Sample

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    Name:  Jane Doe                                                         Date:  January 3, 2019

    Agency:   Baltimore County DSSS-                           Supervisor:  Deborah Sharpen

    Volunteer Offices        

    1.  Hours worked this Week   18.5                             Totals Hours to Date:   102

    2.  Supervision: What Contact did you have with your Supervisor This Week?

        Planned Conference _______                     Unplanned Conference X

    What did you learn?   Deborah discussed how we will begin eliminating “fluff” from the closets.  I learned that we will only have an emergency closet with items such as basic toiletries, blankets, sweat pants and sweat shirts.  We are also unable to accept any donations.  The Volunteer office will continue their campaigns for “Back to School,” “Campership,” “Coats-4-Kids,” and “Holiday Project.”

    3.     Staff Meetings- Agency Visits – Other 

    Purpose of meetings/Visits- Informational meeting/training for the Field Placement Students

    Meeting Location- Executive Boardroom

    Length- Approximately 1 ¼ hours

    What did you learn?  This meeting was called “How I survived my Field Placement at DSS- and Now I Work Here!”  The purpose of the meeting was to provide information on employment for field placement interns.  I learned about the different possible positions and amenities provided in Adult and Community Services, Family Services, and Children Services, within the DDS.  I was provided with information on the education requirements, as well as the skills and qualities needed by the person seeking employment in the different divisions.  I found this information useful, especially for my resume.  In addition, we learned about the salary and benefit differences between state, county full-time and country part-time employees; we learned how to go about applying for jobs for state and country, as well as where to look for job opportunities.  I continue to learn that I need to continue my education in order to get my foot in the door at DSS.  After the meeting, I attempted to meet the facilitators (to continue to build my network), however many of them left too quickly.  

    4.     What did you do this week?  (Tasks, Roles) and why?   I spent ½ a day in the main waiting room area passing out customer service survey forms and assisting clients in completing them, if needed. While I was doing this, I had the opportunity to assist customers, as needed, providing them with information, answering questions, and finding the answers and solutions to their questions and problems to the best of my ability.  I worked in the closets by removing unnecessary items and setting them aside for Purple Heart.  I met with clients and assisted them in the “closets.” 

    I worked on providing Mr. C. with better quality (original) documents for him to save and print as needed ( instead of copying, and recopying illegible “needed” documentation for his clients. 

    While I was in the main waiting area passing out customer survey forms, I noticed there was not a waiting area for the children.  This was also pointed out by a couple of customers that had a problem with children being there.  I wanted my new “gift” to be a children’s waiting area.  I think this will truly be beneficial for the customers, parents and children.  I think that a children’s play area would be safer for the children, especially around clients with mental health issues.  Many clients are already aggravated with the wait time and having to hear a crying or whining child and a parent yelling and disciplining their child adds to their frustration, let along the parents’ frustration and annoyance.

    I worked on providing a wellness lesson plan to provide a gift to the Day Resource Center (and hopefully CENTERS in the near future).  This gift would benefit the Center and well as provide me with an opportunity to facilitate a group meeting

    5.  Identify Human Service Standards that you learned, used or observed in your practicum setting. Identify at least one standard and give an example.

    Standard 3 – Human service professionals protect the client’s right to privacy and confidentiality…

    I practiced confidentially, warmth and respect.  While doing the closets, I did notice the security guards calling the name of the clients (Mrs. S. you can go back to get clothing!).  After I noticed this I made sure that I was the one to call the clients and practice confidentiality.  I called out their full name and made sure I introduced myself and greeted them by their last name.  I noticed while walking back to the closets many clients wanted to discuss their situation in the halls.  I changed the subject quickly to practice confidentiality.  As we walked each person back to the waiting area, I shook their hand and welcomed them back for the following month.  With that being said, I treated people with warmth and respect. 

    I  experienced frustration with a client in the closet and was able to discuss this with my practicum instructor; she assisted me with coming up with better skills to help and better handle situations like this in the future. 

    Building Rapport

    I had a wonderful week; I established rapport with one client in particular that was shoved aside in the waiting area (while handing out survey forms).  With help of a very nice lady in the housing departments, we were able to assist her in applying for services she requested help with.  I provided the client with my name and the days I am available.  The client did come back and requested for me to come out and assist her.  I walked her over to a more qualified worker and together we were able to assist her.  With that being said, I established rapport with my clients. 

    6.  Observations Involving Self, Clients, Supervisor, Staff, and Others

    What did you think or feel about yourself, your placement, the agency/staff and/ or community this week?  Describe any successes or concerns:

    I had a wonderful week.  I helped many people and the joy, as well as tears of joy, that I was able to provide to the clients helped me realize the importance of human services.  I am sad that I had to turn away many donations ( 900 pairs of brand-new socks that are a top 3 requested item for the homeless population), but I hope that we will be able to provide these items with the new regulations for the emergency items. 

    I worried about the elimination of my placement last week, but there are many areas/services within DSS that I will be able to be an effective intern.  With the connections I have made and the rapport I have established with the mentors I have met, I know they will be happy to take me under their wings as an intern

    9.6: Weekly Report Sample is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Wendy D. Bratina.

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