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5.7: Chapter 5 Activity

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    Let’s examine prioritizing in your life. Think about the last week or seven days. Use the space below to list all of the primary activities you did over those seven days (e.g. work, school, errands, childcare, etc.).

    Now list smaller activities including meal prep, self-care, commuting/driving, etc.

    Look at each item and analyze the importance of each activity in relation to your life goals plus consider how urgent each activity was. Next to each item listed above, write a “I,” “II,” “III,” and “IV” to indicate into which Quadrant each activity falls. Finally list how many activities are in each Quadrant.

    Quadrant I =

    Quadrant II =

    Quadrant III =

    Quadrant IV =

    Where are you spending your time? Are you stressed and overwhelmed because everything is falling into Quadrant I? Are you feeling pretty much in control because most activities are planned and important in II? Are you responding to others’ demands in III? Are you spending a lot of unproductive time in IV? What changes do you want to make based on this analysis?

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