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1.3: Format

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    Interactive Workshops

    The interactive workshops are designed to introduce participants to innovations and research on undergraduate education, and to model principles about which they teach. These sessions will be interactive and model the strategies that are being introduced.

    Group Work Sessions

    Group work carefully designed to model scientific teaching has been found to be one of the most important processes at the Summer Institute. The group process also encourages cross-fertilization of ideas among colleagues and departments and strengthens the impact of the changes that you make in your classrooms. Therefore, much of the MoSI is devoted to group work time.

    During morning group work sessions, your group will collaborate to develop teaching materials that incorporate the strategies from the interactive workshops. Each group has been assigned a trained facilitator – a Summer Institute veteran – to model teaching practices that will help the group establish and meet common goals. On Wednesday, following the group work session, you will take part in a group share where groups pair off and present their teachable tidbit to one another. This will provide the opportunity to practice the presentation of the teachable tidbit and to gain feedback before final presentations that afternoon.

    Group Presentations

    The Wednesday afternoon session will consist of group presentations of teachable tidbits that will be peer-reviewed by organizers and participants. This will allow groups to practice assessing the effectiveness and student-centeredness of learning activities and to incorporate peer feedback into their teaching modules before using them in their own classes.

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