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2 - Inclusivity Session

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    Learning Objectives:

    Participants will be able to:

    • Be aware of the benefits and challenges of diversity in the classroom
    • Describe the impact of privilege, stereotype threat and unconscious bias and strategies to offset their impact
    • Discuss ideas about how to incorporate inclusive strategies into classroom activities

    Stereotype Threat:



    Susceptibility to Stereotype Threat


    Negative implications



    Inhibition to drink

    Pennington et al (2016) Addictive Behaviors



    Rios (2015) Social Psychological and Personality Science

    Elderly persons


    Hess (2009) Experimental Aging Research

    Student athletes

    GRE exams

    Dee (2004) Economic Inquiry


    Math performance

    Spencer et al (1999)

    Socioeconomic status

    Intellectual tasks

    Croizet & Claire (1998)

    African American

    Intellectual tasks

    Steele & Aronson (1995)


    Assumptions & Privilege:

    The assumptions we and our students make in a learning community can exacerbate discrepancies in privilege.

    Equality vs. Equity:

    • With equality, we assume everyone is the same and have the same needs
    • With equity, we want everyone to be treated fairly depending on needs
    • With liberation, the cause of the inequity was addressed and systemic barriers were removed


    Awareness is key to mitigating the impact of our unconscious assumptions with intentional actions in the classroom

    Session Slides:

    UALR MoSI Inclusivity 2019.pdf

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