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5.4.3: Learn More from Online Sources

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    There are many more ways to promote and deliver storytimes to diverse groups, especially as part of your library’s continuing outreach and advocacy efforts. Here are some online sources recommended by Prendergast, Diamant-Cohen, and Goldsmith (2019):

    • Ideabook: Libraries for Families - - The Public Library Association and the Harvard Family Research Project put together a guide of research-based practices that is easy to search and skim for practical, effective strategies for improving existing programs or building new ones, based on principles of family engagement.
    • Reimagining School Readiness Toolkit - - This toolkit provides a varied set of resources for program improvement strategies connected to findings from a review of research in cognitive and developmental psychology, developed specifically for library staff by the Bay Area Discovery Museum and California State Library's Early Learning with Families initiative.
    • Working with Teen Parents at Your Library: Where to Begin - - Kathryn Woody, a member of the ALSC Library Service to Underserved Children and Their Caregivers committee, provides general strategies as well as descriptions and links to more in-depth resources and examples of successful programs.
    • ¡Colorín Colorado! Parent Guide: The Resources at Your Library - - Colin Colorado is a bilingual education site with many research-based professional development resources including a ready-made handout to introduce families to library services and a video with family outreach advice from author and literacy advocate Pat Mora.

    An additional resource is the public folder of toolkits created by the Library Service to Underserved Children and Their Caregivers (LSUCTC) committee of ALSC and found at or (Leung and Jeffery, 2021). Each toolkit includes three lists: at least five picturebooks recommended for reading aloud, professional resources published recently that provide insights into the underserved population, and relevant community resources (Eastman & Prince, 2021).

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