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1.5: What should students be getting out of the course and book?

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  • Table 1.1 also summarizes what researchers, interventionists, methodologists, and students should come away with at the end of the book and/or course. At the highest level, they should have their own “meta-view” on meta-theories, capable of articulating, inferring, critiquing, and building on their own and others assumptions about the nature of applied developmental systems, their study, and their use in guiding policies, practices, and interventions. This should allow researchers to become better able to generate rich and innovative theories and designs for research and interventions, and to critique and improve theories and methods for studying and optimizing developmental systems.

    Graduate students should show a more nuanced understanding and insightful selection and critique of developmental theories, research, interventions, and methodologies; an improved capacity to generate interesting applied descriptive and explanatory research questions and to design studies to examine them, and to create and test more effective interventions. Undergraduates should show a deeper comprehension and improved integration of the developmental evidence base, and as a result, evince a greater commitment to applied work and improved practice.