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1.7: Why are all the sections headed by questions?

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  • We view this class as a series of conversations and discussions with our students, and so we have written the textbook using the same format. We have used students’ frequently asked questions to organize the ways that we provide information. We hope that it is not too distracting, and might even be helpful in providing clues to instructors about how students typically think about these issues. We have also included as figures, the graphic information we have found useful in communicating and illustrating these ideas to students. They can also be found in the series of Powerpoint slides on the website that accompanies this book. We invite instructors and students to submit additional materials to the website, and we look forward to the opportunity to learn from them, as together we continue the process of figuring out how to interact with our science and our phenomena in new ways, using key concepts and principles, and slowly incorporating the lessons of a developmental systems perspective on applied social science.