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8.8: Where do developmental systems meta-theories fit on this meta-map?

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  • We view developmental systems meta-theories as interactionistic and relational meta-theories that posit development as the outcome of exchanges between “big-O and big-E.” This idea is pictured graphically in Figure 8.8, in which both Organismic and Contextual meta-theories are in the same quadrant in which importance is given to both person and environment, even though, as their names suggest, Organismic assigns relatively more weight to the organism, and Contextual to the context. We are interested in that corner on upper right, where we have placed Developmental Systems meta-theories, and we have selected the larger orientations which we will present and discuss in subsequent chapters based on the extent to which we judge that they can help us think about and study our phenomena using the precepts the take us ever farther into this corner of the meta-map.