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13: Culture and Sustainability - Environmental Anthropology in the Anthropocene (Palmer)

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    • Identify the methods and theories anthropologists use to examine human interactions with the environment.
    • Define political ecology and explain its relationship to anthropology.
    • Describe the Anthropocene and discuss how anthropology contributes to understanding the human role in environmental destruction.
    • Explain how anthropology contributes to public discussions and the creation of public policy with lawmakers, activists, corporations, and others regarding major environmental challenges.

    The discipline of anthropology provides a unique perspective on human-environmental interactions and thus generates valuable insights into the social, political, and cultural complexity of modern environmental problems. Anthropologists are hard at work with governments, conservation organizations, and community groups to understand and solve complex environmental problems. This section is designed to challenged students to think about the environment and conservation in a new way, allowing them to help reframe these debates and develop innovative solutions to the complex problems that confront us.