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    To effectively utilize this workbook, instructors should navigate through the LibreTexts platform, which includes separate chapters corresponding to the original textbook New Directions in Chicanx and Latinx Studies. In each workbook chapter, you will find study questions (crosswords or multiple-choice and reflective journal prompts—with supplemental links and guidance) designed to enhance student engagement. Additionally, quiz banks offer fill-in-the-blank and actual/false questions, all designed for flexible use in teaching materials and assignments.

    These resources are open access, allowing for copying, adaptation, and use with proper credit to the original authors.

    Utilizing Workbook Questions via ADAPT

    If you want to utilize these sources directly, you can access the questions provided through the ADAPT system. To use ADAPT, you can create an instructor account to link selected questions with your Course Learning Management Software like Canvas. Assignments are directly imported into your course site, and the grade book can be linked for students' points. Please note that your campus may need to enable ADAPT as an external tool for your LMS. To learn more about ADAPT, visit the tutorials available on their website and consider reviewing the recorded webinar, "Integrating ADAPT in Canvas," provided by the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges Open Educational Resource Initiative (ASCCC OERI).

    Adapting or Expanding Workbook Questions via LibreStudio/H5P

    For those looking to update, adapt, or expand on these questions, you can use LibreStudio/H5P to customize, expand, edit, or adapt these materials for your purposes. All of the questions included in this Workbook are available as a LibreStudio Collection. For further information and resources, explore LibreStudio and review the following links:


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