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3.3: Suggested Resources

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  • For more information about the role of women in pre-historic economies, see Woman the Gatherer, edited by Frances Dahlberg, which includes the article “Woman the Gatherer: Male Bias in Anthropology,” by Sally Slocum.

    Peggy Sanday’s works previously sited are also good references for the role of women in economies.

    Richard White’s The Roots of Dependency offers excellent case studies of the economic flexibility of indigenous American societies and how those economies were undermined by European intrusion.

    Robert Jarvenpa’s Northern Passage illustrates how the contemporary Na Dine’h people attempt to maintain their economy within the larger political structure of Canada.

    While not about indigenous American societies per se, books by Jared Diamond, such as Collapseand Guns, Germs and Steel, offer insights into how and why indigenous societies in Africa, Asia, and the Americas were overwhelmed by European intrusions.

    The pre-historic societies of the southwestern part of the United States are good case studies for the consequences of climate change. In addition to the previously mentioned Life in a Pueblo by Kathy Kamp, I also recommend Those Who Came Before: Southwestern Archaeology in the National Park System, by Robert Lister and Florence Lister, and its companion video of the same title.

    Excellent studies of the food and medicinal resources of the Americas are Indian Givers and Native Gifts, by Jack Weatherford.